Survival Commando Krav Maga Vol 1-5

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Survival Commando Krav Maga Vol 1-5

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Survival Commando Krav Maga Vol 1-5

5 Essential DVDs set that will help you progress through levels 1-5 in the COMBAT SURVIVAL Commando KRAV MAGA system!

World Renowned Instructor, Moni Aizik uses his expertise and years of experience in multiple reality based disciplines to help both beginners and advanced, regardless of style, understand what to expect and how to prevail in any No Rules Fight.
Over 200 techniques that can save your life are demonstrated and explained in great detail!

Combat Survival Commando Krav Maga - 5 ESSENTIAL & EXCITING DVDs- Over 7.5 hours with more than 200 proven, effective and devastating techniques!!!

Gun disarming, edged weapons, violent strangles, control techniques, Israeli ground survival, fast and brutal striking scenarios, pressure points, violent headlock defense, baseball bat defense, clinch defense, surviving surprise attacks at night, blade attack & defense, escape from vicious street-holds , take downs, control techniques, Commando training tips that can save your life and much more!

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