Terence Yip Wing Chun Series 3

اذهب الى الأسفل

Terence Yip Wing Chun Series 3

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Vol. 8 Wooden Dummy Form

Master Terence Yip demonstrates Wooden Dummy form with
picture-in-picture effects.
Different angles of the form are shown. Movements are demonstrated
individually and repeatedly.
Key points of movements are clearly pointed out. This video helps learn
Wooden Dummy form efficiently.

Terence Yip Wing Chun - D8 - Wooden Dummy Form.WMV 167 MB

Vol. 9 Wooden Dummy Applications

Master Terence Yip demonstrates the applications of the Wooden Dummy
Applications are shown one by one repeatedly. Important points of
applications are emphasized.
This video can help to learn the applications thoroughly.

Terence Yip Wing Chun - D9 - .WMV 238 MB

Vol. 11 Bart Cham Dao Form

Master Terence Yip demonstrates original Bart-Cham-Dao form with
picture-in-picture effects that show two angles of the form at the same
He demonstrates the movements one by one and he demonstrates how to do
the movements.
Key movements like turning the knives are clearly shown. This video is
good for one to learn the Bart-Cham-Dau form.

Terence Yip Wing Chun - D11 - .WMV 313 MBrm.part3.rar.html

Vol. 12 Kicks & Chi Gerk

Master Yip demonstrates Wing Chun kicks one by one. Every kick is
clearly analyzed.
Sources and applications of the kicks are demonstrated. Variations of
the kicks are demostrated.
Chi-ger (sticking legs) is shown step by step to help one learn chi-ger.
This video helps learn original Wing Chun kicks and precious chi-ger.

Terence Yip Wing Chun - D12 - Kicks&Chi Gerk.WMV 296 MB

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